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SCHMIDT Technology History



In 1938, the brothers Hermann and Wilhelm SCHMIDT founded the company to supply high-precision parts to the clock industry, the most typical of Black Forest industries at that time. The entry of Hans SCHMIDT into the business in 1952 gave the small company the impetus it required to transform itself into a full-scale industrial enterprise and to undertake the decisive move away from the clock industry to the manufacture of writing instruments.

In 1969, Rolf SCHMIDT became Managing Director with special responsibility for technology and has played an important part in the continuing development of the company ever since. The changes initiated within the company not only assured its survival during the structural transformation of the seventies, but also created the new business division Machines (1964) in 1964. The production of writing systems with their tiny tolerances demands highly accurate machinery and equipment. As these were not available on the market in the type and quality required, SCHMIDT Technology was forced to develop and build them itself.

This "department", originally intended to supply the company's own requirements, has grown into a self-confident and highly successful division of SCHMIDT Technology, which has gained a reputation all of its own on the world market.

The Sensor division was created in 1983 to produce a piezoelectric acceleration sensor for use as the triggering element in the belt-tightening mechanism in cars. This was a product which could only be manufactured by specialists guaranteeing highest precision in large quantities over long periods of time. This field has been occupied by electronics and microsystems technology for years now, which has given rise to new highly complex sensor systems.

The fourth generation of the SCHMIDT family is working in the company in responsible management position for many years now.

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