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Manual Press 311
Manual Press 311

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SCHMIDT® Manual Press 311
Process control & monitoring for manual press up to 12 kN / 2,700 lbsf

Mechanical Toggle Press now with integrated Quality Monitoring

Manual mechanical Presses are still the most efficient solution regarding small production, sensitive press processes, assembly of complex components, and simple workplace design.

Mechanical Presses with integrated measuring technology and quality monitoring become reality.

Key features of this Manual Toggle Press:

  • Sensitivity when working with small or delicate components
  • Force / Stroke in-process monitoring
  • 100%, comprehensive process documentation
  • Reliable separation of failed assemblies
  • Reduced, operator induced variables
  • Pro-active intervention and control of the process by
    • Locking of press ram via electronic return stroke lock
    • Disengage ram from hand lever

These and more features eliminate scrap, prevent overload of the press and protect the force sensor.
Furthermore, zero-defect production can be achieved in a manual workstation.

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