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February 2009

Schmidt Press Newsletter

Application of Interest
Case History – Aerospace – SCHMIDT® Application #1824
A prominent aerospace manufacturer of flight control actuation systems began working with SCHMIDT Technology, a leading manufacturer of precision assembly presses, to solve a labor intensive and costly problem in the production of a ball joint for a hydraulic piston pump.

The assembly consists of two components: a cylindrical piston (about 0.25" dia. x 1.25" long) and a swivel shoe. To assemble, the swivel shoe must be accurately swaged (with less than 0.002" linear play) to the outside sphere of the piston without visible creases on the shoe surface.

Previously, the manufacturer used a hand-operated press with a dial indicator to perform the swaging operation. The assembly then required a secondary roll form operation to allow free rotation of the joint. These operator-driven processes yielded inconsistent results and a high scrap rate.

The manufacturer turned to SCHMIDT Technology for a solution. The perfect choice was the SCHMIDT® ServoPress Model 420 with PressControl 4000, featuring real time data acquisition and force over distance parameters that provide true closed-loop force and position control of the press ram. The System compensates for the component tolerance variations along with compression/relaxation of the parts, tooling and press frame by applying its standard delta stroke and patented dynamic bending compensation features.  These features and a SCHMIDT®-designed segmented tool eliminated the need for two production steps. Now, one pressing operation, totally controlled and monitored for quality, completes the assembly.  For this application, the SCHMIDT® ServoPress has proven to be the ideal choice.

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Tip of the Month
All of you use the printed SCHMIDT® product catalog.  As you can well imagine, occasionally we discover errors.  As soon as an error is discovered, it is being corrected on the electronic version of the catalog.  The printed version of course always lags behind.  If you participated in the SCHMIDT® workshop as part of the Assembly show this past September, you learned that from the SCHMIDT® website the catalog can be downloaded in sections.  Since the catalogs on the website are updated shortly after we receive a revised catalog version, please make it a point to download the files periodically from the website so you do have the latest information.  In case you discover an error, we would appreciate it if you would let us know.