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March 2009

Schmidt Press Newsletter

Application of Interest
Slide with Rotary Mechanism – Automotive – SCHMIDT® Application #2995

SCHMIDT was asked to design a manual work cell to stake four pins in one pressing operation while providing assurance that the staking of each pin met the customer’s quality expectations.  The customer’s requirements were to form the correct amount of material during the staking process, ensure that that the pins were dimensionally correct both pre and post staking and to separate the monitoring so that sufficient data for each pin could be provided for quality control.

The solution was a system consisting of our Nr. 76 Hydro-Pneumatic Press, PRC-201 control, STU-140P slide table, PM9310 monitoring package and custom tooling with a rotary device.

For the operation, the assembly is manually placed onto a slide table mounted fixture.  A cycle is initiated and the slide table transfers the assembly from the load to the press position, closing off the press area via fixed guarding.  With the slide in position, a rotational positioning key, located underneath the slide, raises and engages the nesting fixture to lock the fixture in position.  At this point, the first press cycle begins and two pins, located 180 degrees apart, are formed at one time. After completing a successful cycle, the nesting fixture rotates 90 degrees to present the second set of pins to the tooling.  When in place, a second press cycle runs to form this set of pins. Upon successful completion of this cycle, the qualified part is presented back to the operator for unloading.

By combining the four individual forming operations into one cycle that contained a two step process, SCHMIDT was able to provide sufficient process data, which eliminated part inspection, while reducing the cycle time for the operation by 50%.

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Tip of the Month
Have you ever been sitting at a customer’s desk trying to show how easy the PressControl 4000 software package is to use?  Wouldn’t it be helpful to demonstrate this software using your laptop or the customer’s computer?  Well, this capability is just a download away.  The next time this opportunity presents itself, go to our website at and enter our press site.  From there, just select the catalog icon on the right side of the webpage and then select demo software for the left side.  On this page, a brief description of what can be shown using the software is provided and a zip file of the software is available for download.
We recommend that you try this at home before having a customer do it so you are familiar with the software and the download process.