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April 2009

Schmidt Press Newsletter

Product Introduction
Schmidt Speed Control

Schmidt® Technology Corp. introduces an innovative device that provides constant stroke rates for our Manual and Direct Acting Air Press lines.  The Schmidt® SpeedControl is a self-contained hydraulic resistance unit, used to add hydraulic accuracy and smoothness to the action of our manual and pneumatic press systems.  With this device, the rate of travel is infinitely adjustable over a distance of ram stroke.

When incorporated into our standard manual presses, this device eliminates the operator controlled speed variable of an assembly process.  When used with our air press systems, the affects of air compression are minimized, providing a smooth and even ram stroke and eliminating the undesirable “stick/slip” condition that can occur in certain applications.

For applications in which a lower level of end-of-stroke control is needed but a servo or electro-mechanical based pressing solution cannot be justified, Schmidt® can incorporate this device onto its 300 Series press systems. This configuration provides 100% quality control and permits ram retraction based on a programmable force or distance, with achieved accuracies* of better than +/-0.1mm (+/-.004”) for distance or +/- 20N (5 lbs).

*Accuracies are dependant on the press system selected, the application and the required cycle rate.  Please contact Schmidt® Technology with application specific information to see if this system meets your requirements.


Tip of the Month
At times, customers are unsure of the best way to interface their upper and lower tooling to our press systems.  In order to assist them in their design efforts, we have created a drawing that shows some of the standard designs and tolerances that we use when we manufacture this tooling.  Dimensions for tool shanks, shoulders and for cross pin interface with our TT-44 load cell can all be obtained using this drawing, eliminating the guess work for the customer.  This drawing, called Tooling Design Reference, can be downloaded from the instruction page of our website (link below)