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March 2010

Newsletter March 2010

New Product Introduction
Schmidt TorquePress 200
The Solution for High Force Electro-Mechanical Presses

Torque motors are used in applications that require fast movement and precise positioning. When properly designed for pressing, as with SCHMIDT® Technology’s new TorquePress 200, they provide a highly-dynamic and powerful system that is more cost effective, efficient and quieter than conventional servo motors.

Using a direct drive system, the TorquePress 200 lowers operational costs by eliminating mechanical components such as belts and gears and it accelerates faster and maintains higher precision at higher speeds than traditional servo based systems, decreasing cycle time.

With its rigid construction, lower moment of inertia and precision wear-free roller ram guidance, the TorquePress 200 provides a better solution than other motor driven spindles while operating at high loads and any speed.  The system is mechanically protected from overload and motor loads are stabilized through an active temperature-controlled cooling system.

As with all Schmidt Technology electro-mechanical press systems, the TorquePress 200 incorporates on-board process data acquisition and, when interfaced to the Schmidt PressControl 5000 control system, provides true closed loop force and positioning control, as well as 100% quality control of pressing operations.

Whether your application requires a basic precision assembly press, or you need a press with full control and in process monitoring, Schmidt has your solution.

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Tip of the Month
Have you ever needed a simple reference guide to help a customer get started with a Schmidt press and control system?  If so, your solution is here.  We are pleased to introduce our Quick Start Guides for various press/control systems.  These guides provide information that includes electrical connections, basic set-up and operational configurations of systems ranging from our PRC-50 to our PRC-4000.  Even better, you don’t need to have them with you.  These guides can be found on our website at


You can find other helpful reference information by visiting the download section of our website at