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April 2010

Schmidt Press Newsletter

Application of Interest
Reduced Handle Rotation – Application 4772

Whether to improve ergonomics, increase production or if an applications set-up requires it, we often receive requests for a hand press that can attain full stroke with less handle rotation, particularly with longer stroke presses.  Listening to needs of our customer base, we recently developed a solution to accomplish just that, a device that is adaptable to most manual SCHMIDT presses. 

No magic. We simply take advantage of a gear ratio to provide the same ram travel with less handle rotation.  The standard unit has a 2 to 1 reduction ratio. The handle rotation now is half as compared to a standard press to achieve the same ram travel. If necessary, this ratio can be customized to fit a particular application.  The down sides are; the press head becomes a bit wider, pulling the handle has become a bit harder (overcome the return spring) and the force output of the press is reduced by the same ratio.

Here is an example:  Our standard Nr 3 Manual press requires 220 degrees of handle rotation to achieve its full 70 mm / 2.76” of ram travel. Maximum force is 2.4 kN / 540 lbs with a 200 N/ 44 lbs force in the handle.  A press equipped with a 2:1 ratio handle rotation reduction will achieve the same 70 mm / 2.76” of total stroke with only 110 degrees of handle rotation.  The generated force on the ram now is reduced to 1.2 kN / 270 lbs, based on the same 200 N/ 44 lbs input force on the handle.

This handle rotation reduction system can be added to any new Manual press and most existing Manual presses.  Some minor modifications to the press head are required, so a press that is already in the field would need to be returned to Schmidt Technology for this upgrade.

For more information regarding this and other Schmidt Pressing Solutions, visit our website at or contact us at 800-959-1218



Tip of the Month
Have you ever been asked how much handle rotation would be required to achieve a certain amount of stroke for a Schmidt Manual press? Find the answer online.  Go to the manual press section of our e-catalog ( or pull out your hard copy catalog and go to the technical data section under the specific model manual presses that you are discussing.  Handle rotation vs. stroke output of our manual presses is one of many pieces of technical data that we provide in these sections. 

You can find other helpful reference information by visiting the download section of our website at