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April 2010

Schmidt Press Newsletter

Application of Interest
High Precision Alignment Tool – Application 4729

SCHMIDT® Technology’s presses are known for their flexibility with respect to set-up and change-over.  They Incorporate features such as adjustable working heights with keyed modular heads, guided rams, precision locating bores and precision ram to table bore alignment, which all assist in simplify tooling designs and making tooling change-over very easy.  But there are times when the standard +/-.002” (+/-0.05mm) ram to table bore alignment is not sufficient for an application or a slightly offset nest tool is needed.  For these instances, we have developed a manually adjustable X-Y positioning table that permits you to position your lower tool exactly where it needs to be located.

This simple mechanism has a precision center locating bore for tooling installation, is precision ground and allows adjustments of up to 0.085” (2.15 mm) in both the X and Y directions using a simple hex wrench.  The table can be fitted to existing SCHMIDT® hand, air and Servo- presses.

For more information regarding this and other SCHMIDT® Pressing Solutions, visit our website at or contact us at 800-959-1218


Tip of the Month
Press Selection Assistant
We have found that a customer is familiar with his/her application, but is in need of better ways to find the right solution to assemble it.  As we strive to provide solutions to our customers, we have looked at our website and realized how much of a challenge choosing a press can be, particularly for a visitor who might not be familiar with the many press types offered.  For this reason, we have recently launched the SCHMIDT® ‘Press Selection Assistant’ (  This section of our website includes general videos of typical press applications, photos of specific assemblies that match the application type selected and a simple questionnaire to determine the correct press type based on the information provided.

You can find other helpful reference information by visiting the download section of our website at