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Press Control 70
Press Control 70 with PPK

Magnetic Holders
can be mounted
on back or side.Schmidt Press Control 70Press Control 70

SCHMIDT® Press Control 70

with Safety Module


SCHMIDT Technology is raising the bar on Safety.

  • Global standard for today's global market. Ideal for global transfer of production lines, especially automotive and electronic industries.
  • Complies with the highest global safety standards. Has CE / TUV type approval, and is suitable for operation anywhere in the world.
  • Global standardization means global sales support. Less downtime due to service and spare parts availability anywhere.
  • The newest generation of modular press systems with the latest, uniform and standardized SCHMIDT technology solutions.
  • Future-proof – eliminate the need to ‘upgrade’ the level of safety. Offers the highest level of safety for your operator, regardless of location.
  • SCHMIDT Technology's tradition of best systems in quality, technology and safety, plus 4 years warranty on the PRC70 & Safety Module for additional peace of mind!

SCHMIDT® Press Control 70 with Safety Module is a compact control unit for SCHMIDT® Pneumatic- and Hydro-Pneumatic Presses.

The new modular control concept of SCHMIDT Technology separates control and safety functions. It can be used for Pneumatic and Hydro-Pneumatic SCHMIDT® Presses and features multi functionality in a very compact design: 90mm (2.3") high, 120mm (3") wide and 60mm (1.5") deep. It can be integrated into the work station using an optional magnetic holder.
It can be used in conjunction with the SCHMIDT® Safety Module on manual work stations with a two-hand release or a light curtain. The connection to the SCHMIDT® Press Control 70 is made via a CAN-fieldbus.
The control is easy to operate using a pad with only 3 soft keys and a key switch. The 5-digit 7-segment LED display provides information about stroke take-over, machine condition and supply voltage. The following modes of operation and functions can be selected:

  • Two-hand release
  • Light curtain
  • Workpiece control
  • Sliding table control
  • Return stroke initiation with external signal
  • Parts counter and batch counter
  • Operation without Safety Module (in conjunction with machine guards or safe tools)

For safety reasons all important settings on the SCHMIDT® Press Control 70 can only be done with the key switch activated.


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Press Control 70
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