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SCHMIDT Press Calibration services  - make sure you are loading good parts rather than unloading returned parts!

Press Calibration Service


SCHMIDT Service Programs to Keep You Compliant

Your customers are placing increasing demands to provide and maintain quality control programs. Force and load measuring equipment plays an important role in these programs. Calibration is the focal point to verify and document that the force measuring instruments are operating within factory specifications. When performed on a regular basis, customers and suppliers are assured that the measuring equipment is operating as designed.

SCHMIDT Calibration Services

  • Available for Press Control 600, 1001, 3000, 4000 and Servo Press Control 5000
  • Factory calibration to ASTM E403 practice
  • Documentation is traceable and provided
  • Affordable programs for regular calibration
  • SCHMIDT also offers training sessions in addition to calibration or as a separate appointment

Many manufacturing companies find out that their measuring system is out of specification when their customer returns entire batches of parts. Don't wait until you have a problem, call SCHMIDT Technology at 1-800-959-1218 to gain piece of mind with documented traceability.

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