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Custom Press Design with Light Curtain

Custom Press Design

Customer-Specific Solutions


Extensive knowledge in press applications leads to efficient design and manufacturing of press workstations. Flexible hardware, sophisticated controls and safety technology are the fundamentals of our press design and capabilities.

We offer a wide variety of customer-specific press solutions including:

  • Application specific tooling
  • 'Poke Yoke' process verification
  • Slide tables
  • Shuttle tables
  • Rotary index systems
  • Semi-automated or fully-automated part feeding and handling
  • Traceable, in-process quality monitoring
  • Customized control interface, data transfer and data logging linked to customer part number
  • ...and more!

Safety devices for human and machine protection are part of all of our custom designed solutions.

Provide us with your application and production requirements and we will propose a solution to meet your needs.

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